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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Google Analytic is a great tool for website Research

Google Analytic, The self web mastering

 Google Analytic is a great tool for website research . It can tell you whether your site is performing good on the net . It is easy to understand and easy to set up that's why it is so popular among the webmaster .if you properly understand interface navigation bar then it is easy to set up on your thing you have to copying the tracking code and pest into your site and that's it , it start works . you can get some unique feature , page views, visits , visitors etc it has a time metric system, it can tell source of traffic .The most interesting thing is ,it can give you report on your can easily integrate the ad word so that you can analyze the ad word performance . you can set a new campaign and track it as well. you can set a goal can do funneling, can do filters and can setup cookies . if your site e commerce , you track it . You can view the revenue metrics ,you can do in depth analysis like custom report advance segmentation , present motion charts , you can do internal site search can track event and lot of additional customization could do with Google analytic s. It is a great boost for any web base entrepreneurship .
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