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Friday, June 18, 2010

Domain buying , parking , selling a new trend of digital business

The industry makes money on buying and/or selling domain names as a product.
These days more and more people and firms are getting involved in domain name industry.As it has got a reputable business solution for number of good companies . And this company attracting lot of people to share the business
Here is synopsys ,Domainers sell, buy, build websites using the domain names and develop them. In domain business, revenue is generated from domain parking, its development and subsequent resale. Some professionals engaged in the domain business prefer the name domain investing to domaining, and domain investor to the domainer
  1. One can park a domain name with  domain parking services
  2. Another option is to create your own parking webpage
Finally, you should be aware that the process of domain name registration can only be conducted via special companies called domain name registrars. Only those companies are authorised to access or modify the common domain name database. Thus, if you are up to registering a domain name for yourself, those domain name registrars should be your first point of contact.

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