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Sunday, March 1, 2015


of the larger companies:
To do this kind of work, you must
love to sell and be very self-motivated.
No one is going to come knocking
on your door to buy your product.
Starting your own business allows
you to pace your work and do
something you love. Since you’re the
boss, you can decide when to work
and when not to work. Taking care
of family matters may be easier. The
resources at the end on this article
can provide you with some ideas of
manageable home businesses.
Remember the returns to a home
business will be commensurate with
the time you spend. Don’t expect to
make lots of money unless you put
in lots of hours—especially in the
beginning. Also, it is a rare home
business that doesn’t require you to
spend some time away from home.
The most common scams include
medical billing, envelope stuffing
and “unclaimed funds” processing.

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